Returns information about a device group, including the name, description, and list of devices in the group.

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description
string The name of the Verizon billing account for which you want the device group information. An account name is usually numeric, and must include any leading zeros.
string The name of a device group.

(Output buffering parameter) Only return information about devices that have an ID greater than this value. Each successful response will include a LargestDeviceIdSeen value.

  • For the first request, leave this element empty to retrieve the devices with the smallest IDs.
  • Check the IsComplete value in the response.
  • If it's "true" then you have received the complete list of devices.
  • If IsComplete is "false," send another request, putting the returned value of LargestDeviceIdSeen into this field. Continue sending requests with the latest LargestDeviceIdSeen value until IsComplete is "true." This ensures that all devices are retrieved exactly once, with no gaps or overlaps in devices returned by multiple calls to the API.

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
GroupName string The name of the device group.
GroupDescription string The description of the device group.
Devices DeviceIdentifierCollection The list of devices that belong to the device group.
DeviceIdentifiers DeviceIdentifier One or more identifiers for the device.
Kind string The type of the device identifier. Valid types of identifiers are:
  • ESN (decimal)
  • ICCID (up to 20 digits)
  • IMEI (up to 15 digits)
  • MDN
  • MEID (hexadecimal)
  • MIN
Identifier string The value of the device identifier.
IsComplete boolean Indicates whether all devices in the group have been returned. If IsComplete is false, call this API again and put the LargestDeviceIdSeen value in the request, which will return the next set of devices with sequentially larger device IDs.
LargestDeviceIdSeen long The largest device ID included in the response.

Example SOAP Request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
        <nph:GroupName>Environmental Devices</nph:GroupName>

Example SOAP Response

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
    <GetDeviceGroupInformationResponse xmlns="">
      <Output xmlns:i=""
        <a:GroupName>Environmental Devices</a:GroupName>
        <a:GroupDescription>Greenhouse Monitors</a:GroupDescription>
        <a:Devices xmlns:b="">

Request Schema Diagram

Response Schema Diagram