Returns a list of all 4G devices with an ICCID (SIM) that was not activated with the expected IMEI (hardware) during a specified time frame.

Uses and Requirements

The current SIM-Device pairing is compared with expected values from the Verizon device database. If the current IMEI (device ID) does not match the value in the database, the device will be included in the response.

The report can span up to three months of time, and it is possible for a SIM to be installed in several devices during that time. Each unexpected pairing will be reported separately in the response.

You can tell the device manufacturer about any mismatches and ask them to upload corrected information to the Verizon database.

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description

The account that you want to search for mismatched devices. If you don't specify an AccountName, the search will include all devices to which you have access.

This parameter is required if you are passing DeviceGroupName.

An account name is usually numeric, and must include any leading zeros.


A list of specific devices that you want to check, specified by ICCID or MDN. If you do not specify DeviceList, all devices in AccountName or DeviceGroupName will be checked.

For each device in DeviceList, use this structure of nested parameters:

required for DeviceList
string The type of the device identifier. Valid types of identifiers are ICCID and MDN.
required for DeviceList
string The value of the device identifier.

The name of a device group, if you want to only search devices in that group.

NOTE: You can use GetDeviceGroupList to get a list of all device groups in the account.

InclusiveDateTimeRange Filter the results to only include devices that were ativated during a specified time period. The report period cannot be longer than three months.
dateTime The earliest date and time in the range. This value cannot be earlier than November 1, 2017.
dateTime The latest date and time in the range. Must be within three months of Earliest date.

* You must include at least one of the optional parameters to identify the devices that you want to check.

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
Devices array of Device objects The list of devices with IMEIs that do not match their ICCID when compared with the Verizon device database.
AccountName string The account that the device is associated with.
MDN string The assigned phone number of the device.
ActivationDate string The date and time when the SIM was last activated.
ICCID string The ID of the SIM.
PreIMEI string The IMEI of the device prior to the SIM OTA activation on SIMOTADate.
PostIMEI string The IMEI of the device after the SIM OTA activation on SIMOTADate.
SIMOTADate string The date and time of the SIM OTA activation.

Example SOAP Request

Request an IMEI check on two devices during a one month period:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""

Example SOAP Response

Response containing a single device. None of the other devices in the request had mismatched IMEIs.

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
    <GetImeiMismatchResponse xmlns="">
      <Output xmlns:i="" xmlns:a="">

Request Schema Diagram

Response Schema Diagram