Returns the current status of an asynchronous request that was made for a two-way provisioning transaction on single device.

Uses and Requirements

You can request the status of asynchronous requests that were run for two-way provisioning transactions a single device. Two-way provisioing transactions include Activate, Deactivate, Suspend, and Resume.

You cannot check the status of requests that operated on multiple devices or the check the status of asynchronous requests for other APIs.

Request Parameters

The request must include the account name and the request ID for which you want status.

Parameter Type Description
string The name of the account that sent the asynchronous request.
string The asynchronous transaction request ID, found in the synchronous response to the original request.

Response Parameters

The response includes the request ID and the current status of the request.

Parameter Type Description
RequestIdStatus RequestStatus
RequestId string The unique ID of the asynchronous request.
Status string

The current status of the request:

  • Pending - The request is still being processed.
  • Success - The request has completed processing with no errors.
  • Failed - There were errors that prevented the request from being completed.

Example SOAP Request


Example SOAP Response


Request Schema Diagram

Response Schema Diagram