Returns a list of all data service plans that are associated with a specified account.

Uses and Requirements

Several APIs require a service plan code to set or change a device's service plan, including ChangeDeviceState, ChangeDeviceServicePlan, Change4GDeviceIdentifier, and . You can use the values returned by GetServicePlanList with those APIs.

NOTE: The M2M_CPN plan is used by the ThingSpace Platform and is not a valid plan code to use with any APIs.

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description
string The name of the account for which a list of service plans is requested. An account name is usually numeric, and must include any leading zeros.

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
ServicePlans list of ServicePlan The list of service plans associated with the account.
Name string The name of the service plan.
Code string The code of the service plan, which may not be the same as the Name.
SizeKB int The size of the service plan in kilobytes.
CarrierServicePlancode string The code that is used by the carrier for the service plan.
ExtendedAttributes ExtendedAttributesObj Any extended attributes for the service plan, as Key and Value pairs.
Key string The key for an extended attribute.
Value string The value of an extended attribute.

Example SOAP Request


Example SOAP Response

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
    <GetServicePlanListResponse xmlns="">
      <Output xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">
            <a:Name>T Plan 2</a:Name>
            <a:ExtendedAttributes i:nil="true" xmlns:b=""/>
            <a:Name>T Plan 1</a:Name>
            <a:ExtendedAttributes i:nil="true" xmlns:b=""/>

Request Schema Diagram

Response Schema Diagram