SIM-Secure binds SIMs to devices, safeguarding data usage and access to corporate networks

As your connected systems grow, so does your exposure to risk of SIM card misuse. SIM-Secure takes on the burden of securing the SIM of each device that connects to your network.

SIM-Secure helps you:

Once the SIM-Secure feature is applied to a SIM, it is bound to the device in which it is inserted. If the SIM is removed from the original device and placed into a second device, the SIM-Secure feature will recognize that it is in the wrong device, and will prevent connection to the network.

Uses and Requirements

Devices must meet the following requirements to have a SIM-Secure license and lifetime SKU assigned:

Request Parameters

The request body identifies the account name, SKU number, and a list of devices that you want to assign a SIMSecure license to. NOTE: The skuNumber for the devices must be "skuNumber": "SIMSec-IoT-Lt".

Parameter Type Description
string The name of the billing account. This parameter is only required if the UWS account used for the current API session has access to multiple accounts. An account name is usually numeric, and must include any leading zeros.
string The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). NOTE: For SIM-Secure, SkuNumber must be "SIMSec-IoT-Lt"

Response Parameters

The response includes the request ID and the current status of the request.

Parameter Type Description
Subscriptions SubscriptionInfo
SkuNumber string The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) of the device.
LicenseType string

The type of license assigned:

  • Lifetime
  • Monthly Recurring Charge
LicensePurchased string The number of licenses purchased on the account.
LicenseAssigned string The number of licenses assigned on the account.
LicenseAvailable string The number of licenses available on the account.

Example SOAP Request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""

Example SOAP Response

<GetSubscriptionInformationResponse xmlns="">
  <Output xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">