M2M Service Provisioning Rules

Number of Service Provisioning Actions per Line per Day

Suspending Service Rules

Changing Service Plan Rules

Deactivating Service Rules

Please consult your Verizon contract for rules governing service deactivations. Your account may have Early Termination Fees (ETF) and you may have some number of ETF waivers to apply when you deactivate.

Swapping Hardware on 4G Lines

The ThingSpace Platform database maintains a pairing of device hardware (IMEI) and SIM (ICCID). You can move an Active SIM into a new M2M device*, and as long as the new device is not already paired with another SIM in the M2M database**, the M2M Platform will associate the new device with the SIM the next time the device connects.

For other 4G hardware changes (install new SIM, replace both device and SIM), make the hardware change and then use a Change4GDeviceIdentifier request to update the device identifiers.

* The new device cannot be in the Active or Suspend state.

** If the new hardware is part of a Deactive IMEI-ICCID pairing, you must use the DeleteDevices method to remove the deactive device from your account, or call Customer Service and ask them to do it.

NOTE: The ThingSpace Platform associates provisioning, usage, and connectivity history with the IMEI. If you change an IMEI-ICCID pairing, no previous transaction or usage history will be available for the line of service.

Swapping Hardware on 3G Lines

To transfer a line of service from one 3G device to another, turn off the first device, then turn on the replacement device. Use a ChangeDeviceIdentifier request to change the ESN or MEID.

The replacement device cannot already be in the Active or Suspend state. If the device is in the Deactive state, call Customer Service to have it deleted from your ThingSpace Platform account before initiating the swap.

Moving Devices Between Accounts

If your account is enabled for M2M Bulk Flows, you can use the MoveDevice API to move devices from one billing account to another under the same customer profile. Contact your account manager if you need to have your account enabled for M2M Bulk Flows.

If your account is not enabled for M2M Bulk Flows, you must call customer service to move devices from one billing account to another.

NOTE: You can use the ChangeDeviceState APIs to move a device from one account to another account within the same Verizon profile by first deactivating it and then activating it in the new account. However, rules for deactivating service apply.

To move a device to an account under another Verizon profile, call Customer Service to delete the device from the old account, then use ChangeDeviceState - Activate to activate it in the new account.