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Wireless Network Services


Use the Wireless Network Services API to integrate service activation, usage monitoring, and other IoT device connectivity management tasks with your applications.




Wireless Network Services API Discontinues Support for SSL on 3/27/17

To comply with Verizon security standards, our servers now require TLS v1.1 or TLS v1.2 protocol. Support for SSL (all versions) and TLS v1.0 will end on March 27, 2017. If you cannot change your application to use TLS v1.2 or TLS v1.1 before March 27, 2017, or if you experience connection issues after making the change, contact us at

Windows Users:
Recent updates to our security environment may require UWS Explorer users and customers with applications written in .NET 3.5 or older to make changes to their computers in order to connect to our M2M services. This Microsoft article has instructions for installing a package and making registry changes, plus developer guidance for making application changes.

Wireless Network Services

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Wireless Network Services are SOAP APIs. If you prefer to work with REST, check out the ThingSpace Connectivity Management API and other services on ThingSpace.Verizon.Com.

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