Carrier Service

The Carrier Service provides API methods for provisioning devices. Provisioning actions include activating, deactivating, suspending, and restoring a line of service for one or more devices, as well as changing a device's service plan, identifier, or custom fields.

Web Service API Description
Changes the identifier of a specified device.
ChangeDeviceContactInfo Changes the name and address associated with a device.
ChangeDeviceCostCenter Changes or removes the Cost Center Code value or customer name and address (Primary Place of Use) for one or more devices.
ChangeDeviceCustomFields Changes the custom fields for one or more devices.
ChangeDeviceServicePlan Specifies a new service plan for one or more devices.
ChangeDeviceState Activates, deactivates, suspends, reconnects, or restores the lines of service for one or more devices.
MoveDevice Move active devices from one billing account to another within a customer profile.
SetUsageSegmentationLabels Assign or remove your own usage segmentation label for a device.
UploadActivate Uploads and activates device identifiers for new devices from OEMs to Verizon.