Returns basic diagnostic information about a specified device, including connectivity, provisioning, and billing status.

NOTE: This method has been deprecated and may be removed. The newer version is GetDeviceExtendedDiagnosticsInformation.

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description
string The Verizon billing account that the device belongs to. An account name is usually numeric, and must include any leading zeros.

The device for which you want diagnostic information, specified by the device's MDN.

NOTE: You can use GetDeviceList to get a list of all devices in the account.

string The type of the device identifier. Must be MDN.
string The device's MDN.

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
Device Device object The diagnostics information about the device.
Device.DeviceIdentifiers DeviceIdentifier array Array of one or more identifiers for the device.
Device.DeviceIdentifiers.DeviceIdentifier Kind and Identifier An identifiers for the device.
Device.DeviceIdentifiers.DeviceIdentifier.Kind string The type of the device identifier. Valid types of identifiers are:

  • ESN (decimal)
  • EID
  • ICCID (up to 20 digits)
  • IMEI (up to 15 digits)
  • MDN
  • MEID (hexadecimal)
  • MIN
Device.DeviceIdentifiers.DeviceIdentifier.Identifier string The value of the device identifier.
Device.Attributes DeviceAttributes object Information about the device.
Device.Attributes.AccountName string The account that the device belongs to.
Device.Attributes.SkuNumber string The SKU of the device.
Device.Attributes.MCC string Mobile Country Code, showing which country a device is registered in.
Device.Attributes.MNC string Mobile Network Code, showing which network a device is connected to.
Device.Attributes.DeviceGroupName string The device group that the device belongs to.
Device.Attributes.ServicePlan string The service plan that the device is assigned to.
Device.Provisioning ProvisioningInfo object Information about the device's line of service.
Device.Provisioning.CreatedAt dateTime The date and time that the device was added to the system.
Device.Provisioning.State string The current state of the device, which will be one of these values:
  • Pre-active
  • active
  • deactive
  • suspend
  • pending state change name
Device.Provisioning.LastActivationBy string The user who last activated the device.
Device.Provisioning.LastActivationDate datetime The date and time that the device was last activated.
Device.Connectivity ConnectivityInfo object Information about the device's network connectivity.
Device.Connectivity.Connected Boolean True if the device is connected; false if it is not.
Device.Connectivity.IPAddress string The IP address of the device.
Device.Connectivity.LastConnectionDate datetime The most recent connection date and time.
Device.Connectivity.LastDisconnectDate datetime The date and time of the last disconnect.
Device.Connectivity.LastRoamingStatusUpdate datetime The date and time of the most recent RoamingStatus information.
Device.Connectivity.RoamingStatus Boolean True if the device is currently roaming.
Device.Connectivity.NetworkIdentity string The device's current base station ID.
Device.Billing BillingInfo object Billing information.
Device.Billing.BillingCycleEndDate datetime The date and time that the device's current billing cycle ends.
Device.Usage UsageInfo object Data and SMS usage information.
Device.Usage.CurrentBillCycleDataUsage string The sum of all data, in bytes, that the device sent or received since the beginning of the current bill cycle.
Device.Usage.CurrentBillCycleSMSUsage string The sum of all SMS usage since the beginning of the current bill cycle. This number includes all SMS messages sent by the device and all acknowledged messages sent to the device.
Device.Location LocationInfo object Device location information (subscription required).
Device.Location.locationSkuName string The name of the service bundle for location services.
Device.Location.lastLocationUpdate string The last time the device was located.
Device.Location.latitude string The last reported latitude of the device, in decimal degrees.
Device.Location.longitude string The last reported longitude of the device, in decimal degrees.
Device.Fota FOTAInfo object Device firmware information (subscription required).
Device.Fota.fotaMakeAndModel string The device make and model, for firmware management purposes.
Device.Fota.fotaCurrentFirmwareVersion string The firmware version that is currently on the device.
Device.Fota.fotaCampaignDateOccurred string The date and time of the last firmware update.

Example SOAP Request

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:v2="" xmlns:nph="" xmlns:nph1="">
    <token xmlns="">c90dc3b0-fd42-4e37-ab30-e82f3cbea71c</token>
        <nph:AccountName>Verizon Test 1</nph:AccountName>

Example SOAP Response

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
    <GetDeviceDiagnosticsInformationResponse xmlns="">
      <Output xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">
          <a:DeviceIdentifiers xmlns:b="">
            <a:LastRoamingStatusUpdate i:nil="true"/>
            <a:RoamingCountry i:nil="true"/>
            <a:fotaMakeAndModel>Verizon Model-A</a:fotaMakeAndModel>