SoapUI Tutorials

These tutorials demonstrate performing common operations using Verizon's M2M Platform Wireless Network Services APIs. The tutorials show the requests and responses in SoapUI, a free tool that can help with developing SOAP and REST applications.

Tutorial Description
Log In to the Verizon M2M Platform Your application must log in to the M2M Platform and receive a session token before it can make any other requests. This tutorial shows the basic steps required to log in.
Log Out of the M2M Platform For security purposes, your application should log out of the M2M Platform when it has finished making requests.
Activate a Device/Line of Service Step-by-step instructions for a typical activation for a line of service in a Private Network configuration.
Suspend a Device Instructions for using the ChangeDeviceState API to suspend one or more devices.
Change a Service Plan Instructions for using the ChangeDeviceServicePlan API to assign a new service plan to a device.
Deploy a Callback Service with SoapUI Many M2M APIs send asynchronous responses to requests. This tutorial shows how to create a callback service running in SoapUI and register it with the M2M Platform to receive those responses.