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Wireless Network Services

Use the Wireless Network Services API to integrate service activation, usage monitoring, and other IoT device connectivity management tasks with your applications.


An updated Wireless Network Services (aka Unified Web Services) SDK is available as of January 4th.

A new API method allows you to remove unused devices from an account. See the release notes for more information.

Please request the latest SDK to access the new API.

If you need further assistance with the API's, contact us at

Wireless Network Services

API documentation

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Wireless Network Services are SOAP APIs. If you prefer to work with REST, check out the ThingSpace Connectivity Management API and other services on ThingSpace.Verizon.Com.

ThingSpace Manage
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Running all the IoT-enabled devices connected to your enterprise can be a challenge. Manage makes things easier by bringing all your connectivity management and monitoring tools together in one place. Now you have the tools you need to manage the entire life cycle of your devices in a single, scalable, reliable, self-service portal designed for IoT.

ThingSpace Services
Build and manage IoT solutions using our ThingSpace Services

Finding the services to help you build and manage your IoT solutions can be a frustrating and fragmented experience. ThingSpace Services simplify IoT by consolidating these tools into a single pane of glass and API family.

New service offerings in Device Location and Software Management are coming soon.