Account Service

The Account Service provides API methods that manage ThingSpace Platform passwords, list service plans in an account, and display Verizon Partner Program lead information associated with an account.

Web Service API Description
GetAccountInformation Returns the corresponding account name for a provided account number, or vice-versa.
GetLeadInformation Returns information for all leads associated with the account.
GetNewPassword Generates a new password for the user.
GetRequestStatus Returns the current status of an asynchronous request that was made for a single device.
GetServicePlanList Returns a list of all data service plans that are associated with a specified account.
GetSubscriptionInformation Returns SIM Secure subscription information associated with a specified account.

Generates a new inactive password for your account.

NOTE: This API is functional but obsolete. As of April 2014, active passwords do not expire, so inactive passwords are no longer needed.