API Quick Reference

API Description
AddDevices Adds up to 200 new devices to the M2M database only, without activating service. Devices will appear in the M2M Management Center in a “Pre-Active” state.
Change4GDeviceIdentifier Change the hardware for a 4G line of service, and optionally change the service plan.
ChangeDeviceCostCenter Change or remove the cost center code for one or more devices.
ChangeDeviceCustomFields Assign up to five custom field values.
ChangeDeviceIdentifier Change the hardware for a 2G or 3G line of service, and optionally change the service plan.
ChangeDeviceServicePlan Specify a new service plan.
ChangeDeviceState - Activate Activate service.
ChangeDeviceState - Deactivate Deactivate service.
ChangeDeviceState - Restore Restore service that is suspended.
ChangeDeviceState - Suspend Suspend service.
CheckDeviceAvailability Check whether specified devices are known to the Verizon network and are available to be activated.
CheckOrderStatus Checks the status of activation order and lists where it is in the activation process.
CreateDeviceGroup Create a device group.
CreateTrigger Create a new trigger that will send a callback notification based on specified device usage.
DeleteDevices Delete devices from the account.
DeleteDeviceGroup Delete a device group.
CreateTrigger Deletes a specified trigger.
GeAccountInformation Provide an account name or number to retrieve all information about the account.
GetAggregateDeviceUsage Obtain data and SMS usage.
GetBilledUsage Get billing usage for a customer segment for a specified billing cycle, or the most recent billing cycle if one is not specified.
GetBilledUsageList Get billing usage for a list of usage segmentation labels for an account for a specified billing cycle, or the most recent billing cycle if one is not specified.
GetCallbackRegistrations Obtain a list of registered URLs for callback services for an account.
GetDefaultDeviceGroupInformation Obtain information for the default device group.
GetDeviceConnectionHistory Obtain a list of network connection events and AAA attributes for a device during a specified time period.
GetDeviceExtendedDiagnosticsInformation Obtain basic diagnostic information about a specified device, including connectivity, provisioning, and billing status.
GetDeviceGroupInformation Obtain information for a device group.
GetDeviceGroupList Obtain a list of all device groups.
GetDeviceInformation Obtain all information about a specified device - state, service plan, MDN/MSISDN, MIN, and IP address information.
GetDeviceList Obtain a list of all the devices.
GetDevicePRLInformation Obtain the PRL version currently assigned to the device.
GetDeviceProvisioningHistory Obtain the provisioning history of a specific device.
GetDevicesInformation Validate whether devices are in a given account, and retrieve a subset of information about each device.
GetDeviceUsageHistory Obtain the usage history of a specific device.
GetImeiMismatch Retrieve a list of all 4G devices with an ICCID (SIM) that is not paired with the expected IMEI (hardware).
GetLeadInformation Obtain additional lead-related information for devices provisioned under a Verizon Partner account.
GetNewPassword Generate a new password for the UWS login credential.
GetRatedDeviceUsage Obtain rated data and SMS usage of a device for the current billing period.
GetRequestStatus Returns the current status of an asynchronous request that was made for a single device.
GetServicePlanList Obtain a list of all data service plans associated with a specified account.
GetSmsMessages Retrieve SMS messages sent from devices.
GetSmsEventHistory Retrieve the history of mobile-originated/mobile-terminated SMS messages for a single device that were sent or received via ThingSpace, within a specified time period.
GetStateAndServicesList Returns a list of all Stage states defined for the account.
GetSubscriptionInformation Returns a list of SIM Secure subscriptions associated with a specified account.
GetTriggers Returns information about a specified trigger or about all triggers in a given account or all triggers that the current user has access to.
GoToState Changes the provisioning state of one or more devices to a specified service and state. .html
LogIn Allows the customer application to log into the UWS server with a username and password to start a UWS session.
LogOut Allows the customer application to end the UWS session.
MoveDevice Move active devices from one billing account to another within a customer profile.
RegisterCallback Register a URL for callback messages.
SendSmsMessage Send an SMS message to one or more devices.
SetUsageSegmentationLabels Assign or remove your own usage segmentation label for a device
StartSmsCallback Resend queued SMS messages from devices to the account’s callback service for SMS messages.
UnregisterCallback Unregister a URL for callback messages that was previously registered.
UpdateDeviceGroup Update the name and description of a device group, and add or remove devices in a device group.
UpdateTrigger Changes the settings of an existing trigger.
UploadActivate Uploads and activates device identifiers for new devices from OEMs to Verizon.
UploadDevices Uploads device identifiers for new devices from OEMs to Verizon.