UWS Explorer

The UWS Explorer is a simple Windows GUI tool that is designed to help you learn about Wireless Network Services capabilities and see them in operation. It uses the same APIs that your application will use to communicate with the ThingSpace Platform. The tool lets you construct web service requests by picking items from lists and selecting options, and then you can send the requests to the ThingSpace Platform and see the XML representations of the request and response objects.

With UWS Explorer you can:

Task Description
User Interface Overview A quick tour of the GUI.
Start UWS Explorer and Log in Run the program and enter your account credentials to log in to the ThingSpace Platform, and note the session token in the response.
Set UWS Explorer Options

Set the following options for UWS Explorer:

  • Specify the length of time that UWS Explorer will wait for an API call to return before timing out.
  • Filter the XML output that appears in the panes at the bottom of the main window.
  • Automatically load device information from the Verizon ThingSpace Platform when you log in to the UWS Explorer.
Retrieve a List of M2M Devices Retrieve a list of the devices that belong to an account.
View the Connected Status of an M2M Device Retrieve the last known connected status for a device.
Activate a Line of Service Activate a line of service for one or more M2M devices.
Deactivate a Line of Service Deactivate a line of service for one or more M2M devices.
Register a Callback Endpoint Subscribe to a callback service for an API.
Create a Device Group Create a device group to apply APIs to multiple devices.